What We Will Do

  • Review the Overall Flow
  • Remove Any Clichés
  • Fix Irrelevant Information
  • Revise Word Choices
  • Remove Any Wordiness
  • Eliminate All Spelling Errors

We Guarantee

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Confidential Help
  • Best Prices
  • Flexible Discounts
  • Plagiarism Testing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Proofreading

SoP Writing Dos

  • Prepare an Outline of Topics
  • Follow the Instructions about Length
  • Check Your Grammar, Spelling
  • Make Changes for Each School
  • Proofread Work for Writing Style

Our SoP Review Sample

Can a SoP Sample Help You?

Your Statement of Purpose (SoP) is almost certainly going to have the biggest impact on your chances of selection. This is because there are going to be many other applicants that will have very similar grades and other qualifications so your SoP is your only opportunity to stand out. Your statement will need to be written in a way that will get you noticed, something that many applicants will struggle with.

The standard of writing expected is very high and your SoP will need to be something special if you want to get accepted. The problem is that few of us manage to write perfectly initially so you will need to carefully do your SoP review. Our example of SoP editing can show you exactly what you need to do with your statement.

professional sop sampleHow Can You Use a Sample of SoP Review?

Often the best way to learn something is to see how it is done. By seeing how an example SoP is reviewed you can see exactly what you should be doing on your own. Samples provide great guidance for doing your own editing as well as helping you to better understand how you should format your own statement and what needs to be included.

What you should never do with any example, however, is to copy it. This is plagiarism and is highly likely to be spotted and will result in you being rejected. Even if it is not spotted no sample is going to be personal to you, nor will it be targeted to the application that you are making.

Observe here an interesting infographic on how social networks and college admissions can impact your chances!

Carefully Review Any Sample

There are many samples of SoP writing out there and some are better than others. You should never just accept that they are good enough to be accepted and you should always look at them very critically to assess just how good they are. The following are some of the areas that should always be covered when you review your SoP and will help you to see how well written any statement is:

  • Did the statement open with an effective hook that reels in the reader?
  • Does it hold the attention of the reader with an effective storyline?
  • Have any clichés been used within the writing?
  • Is the writing clear and easy to understand by anyone?
  • Have there been any acronyms, slang or unusual words used?
  • Is the writing concise and to the point throughout?
  • Is everything covered relevant to the application?
  • Does the writing approach everything from a positive angle?
  • Is the SoP personal and about the applicant?
  • Is it free of any spelling and grammatical errors?

expert example of sopWe Offer Superior SoP Reviews

If you want to ensure that your SoP revision really is the best that it can be then our services are here to help you. Our editors and proofreaders are professionally certified as well as being postgraduate degree qualified in the field of your application. With their many years of experience and full understanding of the application process and requirements, they will ensure that your SoP will get you noticed for all of the right reasons, right SoP formatting is also very important.

All editing and writing that we undertake are fully checked for plagiarism as well as being carefully proofread to ensure that it is unique and well written. We write in perfect English at all times and your statement will be delivered to you within your requested deadline at all times. We also fully cover all of the services that we provide through our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

So if you need help to achieve the standard of our SoP sample just contact our experts here today for support that you can trust to provide the highest of standards of review!

Type of work:

Turnaround/Level Standard (5-7 days) Rush (3 days) 911 (24 hours)
College $33.59
Graduate school $33.59
Medical school $38.63
Law school $40.31
Business school $36.95
PhD $39.81
Dental school $38.63
Nursing school $38.63